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A: As a solo groomer in the van where safety and efficiency are paramount to providing a successful groom, the weight limit is 45 lbs.

A: Zoom N Groom is a client-based service where we schedule on a weekly, 2-week, 4-week or 6-week schedule. This is to ensure we have your pet on a guaranteed appointment schedule to keep them happy, healthy and looking their best.

A: Prices are reflected as *Starting at* due to potential variations in dog temperament, coat type and condition of the dog that may require additional time and effort.

A: Duration always varies depending on the dog. A bath-only package would normally take between 60-90 minutes and a full groom is generally 90-180 minutes.

A: Yes. The caveat for senior or sick dogs seeing veterinarians is a release note may be required. For a dog that may need to go into surgery, an appointment could be made prior to the day of surgery so they are clean and recover comfortably and we would work with your veterinarian for those options.

A: Groomers do not practice medicine and should never give any medical advice. Zoom N Groom will draw attention to anything we find during the groom and will always refer our clients to their veterinarian for follow up.

A: Zoom N Groom’s philosophy is that anal gland expression should be performed at a veterinarian’s office by trained medical professionals. Incorrectly expressed glands could become infected or impacted. Ear hair plucking could lead to infection or worsen any current ear infection being treated. During the groom we clean the ear and remove extra hair on the outer ear so the ear canal can breathe, however we do not perform any deep hair plucking into the canal. Ear hair in many breeds is for protection.

A: The vaccination required by New Jersey state law for dogs 16 weeks or older at this time is Rabies. We also highly suggest a Bordetella vaccine as it gives extra protection against coughing viruses that can linger in any environment. You should always consult your veterinarian with concerns about the care of your pet or for medical advice. If your dog cannot receive the rabies vaccination, we would need a signed letter from your veterinarian. And as always you should have your pet on a flea and tick medicine.

A: We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and checks. There is a $25 fee for returned checks. We do not accept payments for third party apps such as Venmo, Zelle, PayPal etc.